Name : Assia TRIA

Institution : CEA-LETI


Assia TRIA has a PHD from Montpellier University in electronics, optronics and systems.  She joined Gemalto (the world leader in chip cards) in 1996 as a product engineer. Then in 1999 she joined their security department where she was responsible for component security and stayed there until 2005. In 2005 she moved to CEA-LETI in order to manage the Joint R&D team from ENSMSE/CEA-LETI and more precisely she is in charge of the systems and secured architecture department (SAS). SAS areas of research are :

·  Physical and formal attacks

·  Counter-measure development

·  The methods and safe conception tools,

·  Anonymity and confidence

·  Biometry



Publications :

A.Tria, C.Barral : “Fake Fingers in Fingerprint Recognition: Glycerin supersedes Gelatin”. Formal to Practical Security, LNCS 5458, pp 57-69, 2009.




Title: Fake Fingers in Fingerprint Recognition



Fingerprint Recognition is currently widespread in numerous identity applications such as electronic ID cards, travel documents, access control and time attendance. Security issues with the condition of use of the authentication device are a major concern in such applications. various biometric systems are available on the market (optical, capacitive, thermal etc.). These systems if they are not protected can be sensitive to various attacks in particular with the use of false fingerprints. The goal is to have a large range of false biometric fingerprints in order to develop methods of test and evaluations that are robust, reproducible and stable and to propose this method and test  as standard in complement of the common criteria for the evaluation of the biometric sensors.