Name : Patrick Perrot

Institution : Gendarmerie Nationale, Telecom Paris Tech



Patrick Perrot is an officer of the French Gendarmerie, an engineer specialised in telecommunications. He was employed by Philips and Lucent Technologies before joining the French Gendarmerie in 1996. He is responsible for the Signal, Speech and Image Processing Department of the Forensic Research Institutes of the French Gendarmerie. Patrick Perrot obtained a professional thesis in signal processing and pattern recognition in 2004 and has been preparing a PhD degree in the Signal Processing Department of Telecom Paris Tech on the question of voice forgery, linked to his professional activities.

His main research interests are:

Patrick Perrot has been awarded with the ENFSI Referenced Best Article Award by the European Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Publications :


Voice Forgery using Alisp: indexation in a client memory ”- P. Perrot, G. Aversano, R. Blouet, C. Charbit, G. Chollet, ICASSP 2005


« Vocal Forgery in forensic sciences », P. Perrot, J. Razik, M. Morel, G. Chollet Proc. E Forensics – Adelaïde, Australia, 2009